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Monday, December 12, 2011

Trojan Attack Via HTML Script (In Banglish !! )


HTML Trojan Attack Script

1 : Edit to a Direct download link to your trojan.
( ai Link er Jaigai Apner Trojan er Link Boshai Dan)  
2 : Make your victim visit the website , Nothing will popup [no javascript popup's] it will do the job in the background.
3 : NOTE:: Maybe there Anti-Virus'es Firewall will detect this but it depends how good the Anti-Virus is.

HTML Code Downloadlink:(Aikhane Script na Deoar coz : Antivirus + Google aitare Trojan Hisabe Detect Korte Pare)     
But Koiakta Jinish Mone Rakhben :
1.HTML er 5 Number Line(dl="") e Apner Trojan er Direct Download Link( Diben, Noile Kaj Korbe na.
2.VBScript is only for IE
3.It's only for Windows
4.Apner Jodi Age Theke Trojan Creat Kora Thake Tailei Parben. Mane Apner Site e Age Trojan Upload Deoa Thakte Hobe And Tar Direct Download Link o Thakte Hobe. 
5.r Aivabe Apne Apnar Rat/Trojan Spread Korte Parben. For Further Quarry Plz Comment.

©2011, copyright BLACK BURN


  1. vaaia trojan craete kore kivabe?

  2. bro ... you should create a tutorial about making a good rat too for the new Bangladeshi hackers...

    and it would be one of the bests if you can provide with a premium rat download link :)

    and for this tutorial, it is Aw3s0m3

  3. Ok Bro Rat Creat Korar Tutorial Ami Shomoi Paile Dia Dibo.........@Rockerz



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