What's up people???

Today I am gonna tell you simple file join method (I am about photo or video in .exe file)


What is joiner??? It's simple program that joins 2 or more files, to execute them in one time.
This is very needed thing for (users-who-don't-know) that there are no videos in [*.exe] files.
It's good when user sees a picture, when in email told that there is a picture and no viruses right?


There is a lot of public and pri8 programs for join files. Public program output's are mainly detectable by AV.
Pri8 are not (for bigger time interval), but still they are (Also don't forget to check your "backdoortrojanvirus.exe" file for
AV detectivity).
We will use all known program -> Winrar.


When we choose option "Add to archive". We see a lot of options, let's choose what we need.
First of all, choose maximal compression (the lower file size - easier to spread).
Then choose second checkbox [ Make an SFX-arhive ]
Then go to "Comment" inlay at the top. And put comment:

I put JPEG image first because it will run immediately and after some time (In my case it was 5-6 seconds)
Will run vir.exe file. Everything will be extracted to %Temp% directory, and will be executed silently.