These tricks are not released yet , so i am posting them on BURN HACKER ~

Normal Coloured Text

<font size="39" color="#00FF00">BCA rocks</font>
Blinking Text

<blink>Found exploit, u mad?</blink>
This will show the URL as but redirect to 

You can also put your Direct Virus Url There , so they will download it but it won't execute ~

<a href=""></a>
This will be blinking text saying "I love BCA" You can change the size and text and the color 

<blink><font size="100" color="#00FF00">I love BCA</font></blink>
This will show the text "Click Me" And it will redirect to the Dropbox Url , you can change the url too

<blink><a href=""><font size="36" color="#00CDCD">Click me</font></a></blink>
How to use these Codes :

Copy the code

Paste it in the Skype Text Box where you send messages from , don't press enter and send the message

Hold Ctrl + Shift and click the Send Message Button with your mouse 

Enjoy ALL BCA Members