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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lua Coding :: Tutorials :: Scripts :: Videos :: More !


Lua Coding ::  Tutorials :: Scripts :: 
[Image: Lua-logo-nolabel.svg]

Something about Lua!
A smaller lightweight language mainly used most often for game programming. Lua can be used for standalone purpose with its simple procedural syntax.
Lua is a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal. The name comes from the Portuguese word lua meaning "moon". Lua has a relatively simple C API compared to other scripting languages. ~Wikipedia

Something before I start 
Now you know that Lua is more used for game programming and game cheats. Not many members use Lua here, but hopefully this thread will help many members. Even if you don't know how to code in Lua, please say thanks to keep this thread alive. Keep reading!

Learning Lua

Video tutorials
How to code for psp Lesson 1- Lua Enviroment
Learning Lua
Hello world Lua tutorial
Lua GUI designer
Lua CS coding tutorial
Lua coding tutorial (Spanish)
Downloading Lua
Lua tutorial; making a basic HUD
Lua; make a basic gamemode for garry's mod.
Adding weapons from to your gamemode (custom weapons)
Make hovering names for players (garry's mod)
Extra functions (Randomized | Garry's mod)Make NPCs drop stuff (garry's mod)
Make a basic Manu (GM)
SQLite Programming with LuaG'mod. How to make NPCs drop money.
MTA Lua scripting tutorial - User selectable warp points
Hello World tutorial v2
Variablen tut (It's not english, but you'll learn!)
If Blöcke und Tasten
Funktionen and Debugging
Introduction to Lua
[Tutorial] Encrypting Lua scripts!
Hello world v3
Loading a scene with Lua. (P3)
WoW scripting tutorial Npc moving
Roblox BASIC Lua Scripting Tutorial - Humanoids
Lua tutorial - Setting up Notepad [Beginner]
Functions and Arguments
Rbx. Lua Scripting tutorial - Variables
Rbx. Lua Scripting tutorial - Functions and editing objects properties
Lua basic math
Introductions (Lua) Part 2

Hackforums Tutorials/GuidesLua Bypass!
Bhop script (TuT)
What is Lua? - Yeah, it's actually a question, but you can learn a lot by reading the other posts.
What type of programming is Lua? - This one's a question too, but don't worry, you'll learn many things about Lua from this one.
Introduction to Lua Coding!
[TuT] Notepad++ Nighlighting tb specific lua functions
[TuT] How to Despawn sucessfully
Lua (Definition/Explanation)

JBV's Scrolling name script [Lua]
Lua Disconnect Exploits *Free*
[LUA] Fake Lag
[LUA] Make your own chat commands
[LUA] Server Crasher (OLD)
Lua Menu
[LUA] Lag the server and blame it on someone else
[LUA] Demo Recorder
C0 character name
Mani Admin Fake Rcon Hack
Mw2 Tactical Nuke Server Crasher v2
[LSS:Lua] Random name script
Mock The Dead
Show Rcon Pass (If you have admin)
[LSS] Anti-AFT Kicker
[LSS] Freeze Yourself
[LSS 2.0] Print Colored Messages From Console Commands
[WoW] GuildHosting
WoW ArcEmu Lua
[LSS] Talk in numbers!
Download A Website's source code
[LUA] 2 Color Name
Get your IP
Hide your Steam ID
[LSS] Destroy a computer with lua script
Lua Public aimbot source (Garrys mod)
BhopScript [LUA]
[LUA] 2 Awesome Triggerbots [CSS][UNENCRYPTED]
close nade [LSS]

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