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Monday, July 2, 2012

Collection of booter sources

Hello guys,

multiple languages and the shell sources.

BBO v2
BioZombie Client Source
Carbon Booter v2
Darth DDoSeR v2
DDoSer v3 Mod
Epidemic DDoS
GB v3
Kryptonite DDoSer
Metus 1.7 & 2.0
MI Booter Client
Mini DoS
SCB Labs Botnet
ZombieSlayer v1
AAT Booter
Konflict Booter
Premium Web Booter
SB Source
ShellSRC (booter?)
Wormf00d booter
103 shell sources.

Password is: "PTdCjKcEFHqsBJhA8UxLH" (no quotes)

Have fun Drogar-Laugh(DBG)
©2012, copyright BLACK BURN


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