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Monday, July 16, 2012

Information Gathering using Metagoofil


Ever wonder what documents from your web site are indexed on Google? Well, a simple running of the metagoofil script and you will see them all. This Python script is located in the /pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil folder within Backtrack. Here is an example run:
# python ./ -d -l 100 -t pdf,doc -o results -f results.html
This will search the domain called for all PDF files and Microsoft Word DOC files, will limit the results to the first 100, will generate a html document showing the results and will download the results (all the actual files) into the results subfolder.
To see all of the options for the script run this: #python ./
One of the interesting things that the results file shows you is a listing of user names it found within the files.
Run this script on your domain and see what you are exposing to the world.

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