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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Phishing New Technique


First of all you need to download phishing page for hacking facebook accounts.
Upload the files on any free hosts,If you are facing any problem in uploading files, upload a PHP shell on your server,then upload the zipped file you downloaded and give this command in command execution form : Unzip and hit Enter.You are done!!
Now the next part is giving the Link to give the victim,Aikhane Amra Akta Pishing er New Method Use Korbo. Lets look what we are going to do now.
When someone clicks a Link on Facebook, it goes with a redirection.
(When you put in your chat box or wherever & click the Link,it goes like above.)
(Aikhane Apne Apnar URL o Hide Korte Parben, URL Hide er Code Google e Search Dilei Paben)
Replace with your phishing page link.That’s it.You can mask your phishing page link by shortnening url.But if you go for free domains and url shortners like .co .cc, .co .nr., tk ,goo . gl , bit . ly it wont work because all these were blacklisted by facebook.Use, its not blacklisted yet.After doing all this redirect your phishing page to some pictures or something the victim is interested in.Wishing you all the best.
Enjoy FB Hacking All BCA Members !!

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  1. aita kno new method na :/ every1 knows it

  2. Can you plz help me with hosting a phishing pae. it looks like no free hosting is allowin that. plz replay to



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