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Dedicated Exploiter is an advanced WevDAV Vulnerable Scanner with many and unique features. It is an automatic tool which can automate the process of hacking Dedicated Servers.
It consists of four parts:
  • The IP Grabber
  • The WebDAV Finder
  • The Vulnerable Scanner
  • The Auto Sheller
You are also able to use these tools with your input. It is ideal for beginners who want to get their first dedicated server, as well as for experts who want to increase their quantity of dedicated servers.

Main Features:
Automatic IP Grabber
  • Grab IP's from any site
  • Range IP Generator
  • Random IP Generator [NonStop Option]
  • Grab IP's from file
  • Extremely Fast and Accurate
  • 2 Ways of Getting the IP's
  • Fully Customizable Auto Page Changer
  • IP's limit for memory management
  • Totally Multithreaded

Automatic WebDAV Dir Finder
  • Gets the Grabbed IP's and checks if WebDAV dir exists
  • Split the IP's into working and non-working
  • Timeout Option
  • Totally Multithreaded

Vulnerable Scanner
  • Checks if IP ( with webdav dir ) is vulnerable
  • Username and Pass can be modified

Shell Uploader
  • Upload User-defined PHP file
  • Customizable Letter for Temporary Connection

Extra Features:
  • Secure HWID Login System
  • Automatic Update System
  • Export to File Option
  • Remote Desktop Checker
  • Autopilot
  • Parallelism Code Structure

Download: [+manual]