• It uses keywords in 10 languages
  • Choice response time
  • Choice user angent
  • Choice page sourse code
  • Mix list by ~ codex ~ includes php and asp paths
  • New method. What is this:
  1. Here I will dwell a bit because there is nowhere Admin page finder in to do something similar. It was just an idea that was implemented
  2. A smart administrator changes the default login url
  3. Example from a http://localhost.gr/administrator/ to http://administrator.localhost.gr/
  4. Thus makes it impossible to find using a simple admin page finder
  5. The new method does just that. It takes url http://www.localhost.gr
  6. Make the split and join http://www adding the path between http://www and localhost.gr forming the urlhttp://administrator.localhost.gr/
  • shows user ip
  • shows site ip
  • shows reverse dns
  • Redirect σε online ip reverser
  • shows sites hosted on the same ip
  • shows robots.txt if it can be read
  • shows results found
  • shows Result not found