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Monday, January 9, 2012

[tut] Simple .NET Application Cracking with ildasm

Simple .NET Application Cracking with ildasm
This crackme can be found on Sometimes the guide there are super shitty. The solution here is easy and only requires ildasm, which you can get by installing any visual studio IDE (vb or c# as far as I know). 

1. open ildasm then drag the executable file ONTO the ildasm window.
2. double click ?WindowsApplication1?

Posted Image

3. double click ?Form1?

Posted Image

4. double click the ?Button1_Click? method

Posted Image

5. you can now open the crackme, type ?123456? and click the button and you will receive the correct messageBox

We know that by entering a wrong value in the textbox in the crackme that it will display a message that says it?s invalid. By examining the screen after just a couple clicks you can tell that the number it is looking for is clearly ?123456?.

Super easy. Next.
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