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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Install Ubuntu on it. [Windows]


Actually I haven't  tried it yet 'cause I will got my Galaxy Tab in the middle of July but I want post this for my note. ( If you want to see the picture in every steps or detail please go to the Source.)

1. Root the Tab
  1.1 Get the Tab into Downloader Mode
     -  hold down the Power button to start the device
     -  while you are holding down the Power button, you should see the Samsung Galaxy Tab logo pop up, when you see this, immediately also hold down the Volume Down button
     -  After couple seconds, you will see an Android guy icon pop up, when you see that, immediately let go of both of your fingers/buttons
     -  Volume Up button, finally you will get the Downloader Mode.

  1.2 Install Galaxy Tab driver
     -  Download Link:
        Mirror Link: 
  1.3 Connect your Tab with USB
  1.4 Download Tabroot to root it.
     -  Download Link:
        Mirror Link: 
     -  After download and unzip it, run Odin program
     -  Take PDA button and choose the “PDA_SIGNED_P7105.tar.md5? file inside the tabroot folder
     -  click “Start” and your Tab 10.1 will be reverting back to Android 3.0.1
  1.5 Install stable root/SU
     -   In the Tab, Go to "Setup->Applications->Development" and make sure USB Debugging is checked OFF 
     -   Connect Tab with USB.
     -   Copy over the file from the tabroot folder to the root folder of your Tab 
     -   Go to Downloader Mode.
     -   Hit the Volume Down button (the one closer to Power button) and hit the Volume Up button to select the stock Recovery:
     -   Use the Volume buttons to choose “apply update from /sdcard” and hit Power button
     -   Using the volume buttons, choose and hit the Power button 
     -   Next, choose “reboot system now” and hit the Power button
     -   When your Tab 10.1 has rebooted, connect your USB cable from the Tab 10.1 to your computer again and copy over the file to the root folder of your Tab 10.1
     -   Next go to the Market and search for “ROM Manager”.  Download and install the free version of ROM Manager app
     -   Open up ROM Manager app and choose “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.  This installs a custom ClockworkMod recovery
     -   And choose “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?
     -   hit “Reboot into Recovery” and “Okay”.
     -   Once you are in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” (using Volume buttons) and hit the Power button
     -   Choose zip from sdcard and choose the file and hit the Power button
     -   When that is done, we are going to zip the Root/SU files again by going to “choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.
     -   Choose the file and hit the Power button, the hit the “Yes” button
     Now you have root your Tab.!!!!

 2. Install Ubuntu On Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
   2.1  Download file that you will need.
         Download Link:
         Mirror Link: 
     -   adb (Or Android SDK)
         Download Link:
         Mirror Link: 
     -   Busybox file
         Download Link:
         Mirror Link: 
   2.2 Install busybox on your Tab.
     -  Go to the Clockwork Recovery, then flash the zip file
   2.3 Setup Ubuntu on your Tab.
     -  Copy over the ubuntu folder you unzipped earlier over to root folder of your Galaxy Tab 10.1
   2.4 Go to the shell in your Tab.
    -   Open up a command prompt/shell by typing “cmd” and type "adb shell"
    -   Run the with "cd /sdcard/ubuntu/" and "sh"
    ** Don't worry about any error messages.
    -   Type "bootubuntu"
   2.5 Update your Ubuntu and Install some packages.
    -   $ apt-get update
    -   $ apt-get install openssh-server
    -   $ apt-get install tightvnc-server
    -   $ export USER=root
    -   $ vncserver -geometry 1280*800
    -   Set your vncserver password

- To login from your own Tab 10.1, download the free app “Android VNC Viewer” off market
- Set the IP address to “, enter the password you set earlier, then set port to 5901, you will get the Ubuntu Desktop 
  Now you can use the Ubuntu on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

How to Fix the Keyboard Mapping!

1. cat > $HOME/.vnc/xstartup

2. copy and paste the below:

xrdb $HOME/.Xresources 
xsetroot -solid grey 
#x-terminal-emulator -geometry 80×24+10+10 -ls -title “$VNCDESKTOP Desktop” & 
#x-window-manager & 
3. hit Ctrl+D twice and hit Enter

4. edit the file $HOME/.vnc/xstartup

5. added the line “export XKL_XMODMAP_DISABLE=1? before “/etc/X11/Xsession”

How to Reboot/Restart your Ubuntu

1.  Get the shell

-  adb shell

2. change directory to ubuntu:

-   cd /sdcard/ubuntu

3. run: 
-   bootubuntu

4. kill instances of VNC server (just to make sure): 
-   killall Xtightvnc

5. Run tightvncserver again.
vncserver -geometry 1280×800

Read more: Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Install Ubuntu on it. [Windows] ~ !!--FuTuRe Of EtHiCaL hAcKiNg--!! 
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

©2011, copyright BLACK BURN


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