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Thursday, January 12, 2012

INSECT Pro 2.7 - Penetration testing tool

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INSECT Pro 2.7 - Ultimate is here! This penetration security auditing and testing software solutionis designed to allow organizations of all sizes mitigate, monitor and manage the latest security threats vulnerabilities and implement active security policies by performing penetration tests across their infrastructure and applications. This is a partial list of the major changes implanted in version 2.7

- Available targets now has a submenu under right-click button
- Check update function added in order to verify current version
- Threading support for GET request
- Module log added and functional
- Sniffer support added
- 50 Remote exploits added
- Project saved on userland - Application Data special folder
- Executed module windows added and functionality for it
- AgentConnect now use telnetlib

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