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Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Portable Applications

Applications that only use files in their folder are naturally portable, but most of them use registry, files and folders on host computer (local).
Prepare portable
Get program files

First of all you have to extract files from setup with a program such as Universal Extractor and if you can't you have to install. In this case monitor setup with Total Uninstall (doing so you will be able to clean your computer and know what need program).
The simpliest example is CCleaner, download portable and unzip in CCleanerPortableAppCCleaner (you can create these 3 folders at one time with Total Commander).
Monitor running and/or setup

Launch Total Uninstall, click Install, Browse to CCleanerPortableAppCCleanerCCleaner.exe
Click on Next to Build A New Snapshot
Click on Next to Launch setup application Now
CCleaner launch in english. Look in Options-Advanced that Save all settings to INI file can't be uncheck (due to portable.dat file). Choose your language in Options-Settings and close CCleaner.
Click Next in Total Uninstall to Make the post install snapshot and find the changes. Click Close to view changes:

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