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Monday, April 23, 2012

Private Admin Page Finder`[Perl]

Hello everyone this admin page finder known as TOF admin page finder in perl
Ok what is this different from other admin page finders floating around the net 
here is the catch it scans the whole website with matches from around 1803 possible pages so here you go private Team BBHH admin page finder from BLACK BURN in Perl

use HTTP::Request;
use LWP::UserAgent;

print "====================================================================\n";
print "BD BLACK HAT[BACK BURN] Admin Page Scanner \n\n";
print "URL must contain http://\n";
print "\n";
print "or else it wont work \n";
print "====================================================================\n\n";
print "Glad you enjoy the small Project by BLACK BURN +\n\n";
print "====================================================================\n\n";
print "Greets:ALL BD BLACK HAT Members  \n\n";
print "=====================================================================\n\n";

print "Website: ";
chomp ($url = <STDIN>);
my $file = "admins.txt";
open (FH, "< $file") or die "Can't open $file for read: $!";
my @directorys;
while (<FH>) {
    push (@directorys, $_);
close FH or die "Cannot close $file: $!";

my $amount = 0;
my $success = 0;
my $useful = 0;

foreach $ways(@directorys){
my $web=$url."/".$ways;

my $req=HTTP::Request->new(GET=>$web);
my $ua=LWP::UserAgent->new();
my $response=$ua->request($req);
if($response->content =~ /404 Not Found/){
}elsif($response->content =~ /Page Cannot be displayed/){

    if($response->content =~ /username/ || 
$response->content =~ /password/ ||
$response->content =~ /admin/ ||
$response->content =~ /login/ ||
$response->content =~ /administration/ ||
$response->content =~ /authorisation/ ||
$response->content =~ /sign in/ ||
$response->content =~ /signin/ ||
$response->content =~ /user/){
print "\n\tPage Found => $web";
print "\n\n\n------------------------------------------\n[$amount Scanned] + [$success Found]\n-------------------------------------------\n\n";
Here is the admins.txt link :

All Trainer's Of BBHH Suggested to Use This On Training Zone................
©2012, copyright BLACK BURN


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