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Saturday, June 30, 2012

YouTube View Bot - Enhanced Views .NET | No surveys | v1.1



Description :
A tool that boosts your views on YouTube videos.
Requirements :
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 +
How does this work :
This bot uses proxies. For each proxy you have, 1 view is added. I have included 20 proxies, so you have an extra 20 views.
How to use :
1. Load your proxies (proxy list available)
2. Enter YouTube URL
3. Hit "Start" and let it load!

Features :
-Proxy Supported! No need for accounts!
-Friendly GUI. Easy to navigate around!
-Proxy Leecher. Still being worked on.
-Force Update. Able to update your client when a new update comes out!
-Comes with proxy list! 20 free proxies for you guys!
Download :

Help :
1. If the program does not open, reopen it as administrator.
2. You need a proxy list in order for this bot to start.
3. If you get any errors, it is because : 1. Invalid proxy(or proxies) 2. NET Framework error
FAQs :
1. I get error when I click "Start".
A. You must have a proxy list before you start botting!
2. When I'm botting, I get another error. What's wrong?
A. It's a proxy error. You have an invalid proxy in there, check your proxies again.
3. My program crashes! Help!
A. You either have : an outdated version, or .NET Framework error.
4. Does this really work?
A. Yes, I had beta testers.
5. My views doesn't show up!
A. YouTube takes a while to refresh their views. Give it some time.
6. What language was this coded in?
A. C# (C sharp)
7. Is this free forever?
A. Of course.
8. Is this legit?
A. Yes. Check the virus scan. I also had over 50 people downloading it.
9. Is there any protection to this program?
A. No. No logins, no obfuscator, no anything. Just click and go!

©2012, copyright BLACK BURN


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